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Impasse (default)

Signal Partition Angel Void

Your Fantastic Sex, it is Genderliscous!!!

Mister of Dicks and the boys like to sing at the bar.

Curator of Shipping Events

Things that don't fit on our T-Shirts (or around their collars)

Things to pretend that you did when you were eighteen part one.

In fashion, passive is to envy the figure smote.

Of Parade Terminal and it's Bus

Got a dog in my earring (an instance of 3)

Own Mah Own Rose

We like to borrow

Rally, Go Cry Me

The eventuality of dissipation and Thursday

That biological fetus

Modern Borked (1997)

45 45 45

peccata mortem

Song Title

When Our Architects Dream of Sweaty Slumber

Our city wasn't planned as such

Ayn Rand loves a good architect joke

Savages By Noon

X marks the rhythm of the night

Where farmers fear

No bowl from charm (code for smoking pot)

The Folklore of our Economics

Slip it in, not so vague nor lost just slip it right in.

Morning, dark as a wad of copper tasting spit

Your hubris is piss drunk and swinging again