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Claudio, Dutch on the Platz

idle shadows, loot the frame?

A wager for the 2 emm's in Symmetry, it's like peeling a vowel from the economy

Artists Run Chicago (2009) Hyde Park Art Center, Curated by Allison Peters Quinn and Britton Bertran Dogmatic

Stage Set and Work (Laugh In, Meg Duguid)

Honey, I know this is us.

a pile of leaves, some carved from the papers living edge

That old hair song (Template)

Reenacting a Simple Language Barrier (2014) Fuzzy Mice, Twine, English Language Dictionary, 26" Step Ladder

Weirding up ye olde...

My cart is full but it's my heart that needs free shipping

carry the words that simple, carry the honest like a picture cow

Stanley, It's a dark and stormy night, Umper-Kunst

Salt the pleasures of this tool's reason

doing time in a scheme ladened plan of seduction

Sears, Sears (from where we percieve it a state of being is what it is)

Post Author/Post Author

visiting shortly this place with the quiet

Advance notice prior to the apostasy of Mr Vernon Stack

Glamour of the high modern studio

The Visual Language Or Your Rainbow Is Standing On Top Of My My My Rainbow

ITS A RIP OFF sister little