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Ikea Hieghts

Amateur film: Chicago World's Fair] (ca. 1933-34)

Soup Danger, My Name is Bobby Too or excerpts from, the 36 Shorts

Good Bye John Gibbons

Artists Run Chicago

From the wikipedia...soup history

Dogmatic Gallery, Chicago (1997-2008)

Serious Laughter (rebuttal) Butchershop Dogmatic

structure, on cat, on toast

making with the wiggle fingers is tough enough, now eat some ribs

perfect little lives

Note #30

SNKR, she's a go getting

snkr and skinny

Not the Same Day That Judith Halberstam said, "Desire Has A Terrifying Precision." pt.3

Gratification is Jake?

Dynamite (titles)

Said Kitty, remit to midst amok, amok

To wit the midst replied not. kitty

Brooklyn and Alabama

sweet baby catches a scratch when she's able

Dhalgren, Delany and Dick Richards

The Ebb and The Fancy of a Tumble Down Steamer

image of ... waiting

Remember the hosts of not, they are gardeners, ranchers and preachers of bone

The Features of Tomorrow are Loved in both Belgium and in Italy

(if ever the tine were neat) oops...


Fathers and Dolts for the Later Tamers of Shame