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Let US/ We can funk you up

O' no I'm not alone nor lost at all My head's not stuffed nor filled from density My eye's aren't split to open No their seams are whole and dry I like to sing Let's sing again Around around the circle From now to when let's sing again Around around and then - Right around to Wrong, Miles Sharplie  "Ham," She gives him a rolling push before turning and walking away. It's brave enough to know just enough of what we do. Now there's also the additional effort necessary to produce any program or event at all. Then it all needs to be determined, to be considered before it is too. Rather than a worthwhile exhibition these things, any valuable or historical paradigm remains irrelevant until any and all things that substantiate them can be assessed. Then there's the curious removal of symmetry from any of our specific inquiries. "It's all becoming brief as any witness will say," I tell her over my shoulder from here inside the da…