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Rally, Go Cry Me

fig.56) cupid with mask, exit

There's no snakes and there's no trees To tempt these sailors at sea No fortune has ever been found on your butt sitting down I know you know what I mean I'm not part of your team Not Japheth, not Shem or Yam or Ham man I'm just me Watching what I see Noah in a wading pool Noah on his knees Feeding binary opposites apples from the trees

"You won't always need a plate but there are still many other ways of preparing a fine meal from almonds, carrot sticks and scraps of veal. Not all of them use mint either. Some of them will require kale with the edges charred. For this you'll want to use a stove-top burner but many chefs have special kale searing torches that they hold right inside their pockets. You can always tell, they're happy little lumpy things that are fueled with methane."
In some cases, if the fat is still warm you only need some dry wine and heavy cream for a simple but explosive sauce. The nature of social organization is very much the same. The general idea is still to break down the institution. With the specific goal being to reconfigure the entire apparatus that serves to mediate our social interactions. By serve I of course mean, to monitor, catalog or manipulate.
Standing quietly, I suddenly realize that there's a break between the curtains. It lets in a slice of green from the yard outside. The color of it is reflected in the cool white enamel at the bottom of the sink. I pass here often, sometimes looking for aspirin, sometimes looking for gin. Then again, sometimes not at all but always, I pass. Here I am today, just standing and listening. The fat in the shallow pan behind me is warm and my fork seems very restless.
"Just people living lives good don't need a shepherd with sticks."
"Nope, they are out on the rails. What thoughts they have are thoughts kept. Their lame knows no lamb."
"So let us pick our targets like they're round red circles. Saddle the biggest bullet you've got and aim real slow. Once the wind dulls down we'll find the field, circle and all."
"Wait, it's over there sir. Over there in the day of it. See there, where the workers are walking around with canapes in their pockets, drinking Ovaltine. We should aim there, right?"
"If you serve the right lamb, all of the lions will see how plainly you dress. If the team building exercise separates the individual from their group then that challenge will sufficiently pit their ability to function beyond any typical level of comfort."
"So a man walks into a bar and says, ouch. Let's say you see a UFO and a doctor walk in after him," That's how you'll know that the dynamic and residual results are at rest, after the appropriate queue.


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