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Ecclesiastes (once entropy has cried herself to sleep)

Wait I'm a curator of cultural artifacts too. Wait up please, The mild force in this otherwise diffused exchange waves and waves. Micromanaging and disorganized panderers is what the hands-on seats at the front of this bus look like. That's where the do it yourself crowd like to sit when they hop on. Next stop, Get-Things-Donesville. With their jaunty caps and their garish capes hanging just so. They sit behind the driver like super heroes, signing the Declaration of Independence over and over again. We're going to the apple farm for the whole day. The high branches and the sweet smell of failure is so distant and there's a special teacher for everyone. They'll say, You're so special, Little Special Pigeon. Or they might whisper, You're just a ray of sunshine in this vast space of ubiquity. Some will suggest, Lets pull some of that low fruit from those deeply pregnant limbs. Or cheer by way of flattery, Jump up, yes jump up little darling. But they'll …