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Earnest risk of the Noble Actuary

sploosh, the salient, and consequential arc

Don't you know that we're Dancing Dancing through the Flame of our beards, Apostrophy, Parenthesis (in that old order), Mrs. Jamwell June of Sunny Market Place, Deeply Hopless Records

I remember when the farm and all of the small math kept making it a bigger and more complicated place for everybody in it. No one ever, it's making us more hungry too. The farm's poaching the little prime numbers from the bottom and the chalk starts to disappearing and the will to use it evaporates. It's the worst time ever for empty hands like mine, pressed into service like a couple warm pennies. Reaching out only makes the others flinch, they're not mentalists or soft smelling teachers either. The calculator room is mostly empty now. It's long tables are buried under paper cups and rodents that race among their legs on the warmer nights.
But I keep my time up still. My pockets are full of butterflies and nicely snipped ends. A few of us have gathered some chairs in the back. We moved some of the old steel cases and the dust collectors out of the way and into the hall. Now our chairs are arranged around a steel table with an old radio that plays the hits of our youth like they're an endless and aimless floral squirt. It's all we get to hear anymore, Guitar Guitar Guitar. This is why we need to ratchet up our selections of history Jack. Better models for agency and change will serve us better don't you think. The good models, the one's that account for comparative advantage those are the ones we still need. They're the one's that we never get to see anymore. Did you ever think of that. I bet you didn't think of that at all Jack. The management took those away but we've got Buddy Fuckin' Holly until the cows come home.
Repeat after me, There's nothing wrong Frank. This old stuff was built to last a thousand years. All we have to do is keep the red light from blinking and make sure shits not getting too hot. Agency viscosity or whatever it is that you've got in your book there, it's not real Frank. No one talks like that Frank. We've got soup. Management gives us soup, we get things done. That's it, THE END.
Of course those are radiant factors all. But what you're not considering are those that make soup Jack.
Frank let me stop you here, this is what I've been saying to you for years. You're too focused on the amenities, the extra soft towels and the creamy lotions. But at the steamy end of the pool is where the heavy salt is getting mixed in with the slurry of thick warm water from the bottom. I'm talking about the pool Frank, you're a million miles away describing a vacation. Now go check the light.


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