Basement Party (In The Future with Ursus Majora)

The searing of Klunkistan in the near prairie hell of it 

Open wide the door of this lately opened wreathe Intransigent hopeless old man Let you labor beneath the lung of my breath for this to breathe I know you have my knock knock girl She's gorgeous pretentious and barely but almost brief, Foxtod in the Mire Pool
The bottle's dry now. It's house night but the basement switched to funk about an hour ago so the couch is empty. Smoking here in my jetpak is nice but its hardly innocent. Kurtis wants to move forward but I don't know... Instead I'm making time with this lost bear, Bear. His breath is awful and the rest smells like clover and warmed over shit. Still I run a finger around Bear's lazy ear and watch it twitch. I think to myself, green and red now that's International Common right. Now there's a ball team I can get behind.
Bear roars at the waiter. Sorry, says the server. Then Bear unexpectedly bellows again and I surprise pee a little bit. I look at the guy and tell him, Its just a little fun. Like you've never needed to blow off some steam after work. Then the server leans in to grab the glasses and I ask if he's ever seen a real bear cock. The waiter turns white like a fish and hurries off. Sorry, I call out after him. I've only always ever been as mercurial like this. Oh hasty hasty me. Be a doll Bear, wrap this mess up. We can take it to go.
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