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UICA a proposal for 10 programs (2013) Grand Rapids

The following selections were submitted for an open call for exhibitions at the UICA in Grand Rapids Michigan. The spaces within the building that were considered for these programs included ramps windows and dead short hallways. Their should be 10 selections in the list below but sadly one of them was lost before it could be properly archived. These are only sketches of programs and as such they're brief. Still they would have had essays and other didactic texts as support for performance or media related elements once they were completed. Not all of these programs were going to exhibit objects but a playlist of my favorite songs from 1987 was still going to accompany them all. I've included that playlist below.
An exhibition with an installation that includes a door that leads to another door named, Tomato.A place for two telephones (ON-HIGH/on-low)A place to screen that really dull video titled, A Title For EverythingKitty range with daily herding matinees Two chairs and a …