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Standard Manor at The Groves (The old men at Miss Kitty's)

Ding, Ding, Dang, goes the train. All the way to Narnia it's banner rippled in the wind. While they laughed to laugh. They laughed and laughed again in the limned blue shadows. After that was the long pause when they saw the old hickory cupboard half in it's sweet bed of straw. Then the lamp with it's camphor bulb slumped onto it's side in a pile of wanton forb and hemp twine. The tackle, the bell, and the hook smoldered, puffing mightily. Then there was the deafening clap of old timber cracking, of spontaneity happening while all of the horses screamed at once. It was a blinding blitz of orange profundity.
Safely down the road the 2 men held each others hands. They enjoyed the soft idleness of the others slim fingers. Liquor warmed their insides as they swapped fortunes. The coach bounced along the ruts, bang. Bang, it's leaf springs squeaked. The driver shouted her fevered thoughts out into the pines. Her ass stiff from much too much red rum punch. With a nod it…