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The Nhoc's, Sister and the bottom-men

poor broker in the open air-a-thon
The way it looks from here... Those are question marks that we'll just need to get around latter. Tall as my insignificance is it's way behind us now, She's been dipped in brown shoes with tapered trousers that look gray to the touch. They're definitely not average and they're not for a woman whose ankles are painted pugilist white. Don't you see that its your distemper that's our context Greg. It's like a shadow that calls the neighbors to share a quiet laugh Greg, She sneers keenly. It keeps buying the kids apples from the day cart and it jerks off in our bathroom at night. Don't tell me that story about pretend smoke rising in curling heaps or the meaningful dimness that settles over the room leaving it less dense less alert and more fucking honest. Don't tell me that story tonight.
Their's is a genderless intercourse that's beached at the edge of pornography. She needs someone to move the pictures and Greg has some extra coffee to share. This is the introduction to the whole back half of their affair and its delivered with this advice, Don't confuse any of this with something that matters. They're going to screw us Pree. They're going to grab his sister and run. I know it and so do you.
Glory Hollow must smell sweet from there John...
You're missing the point.
And you're drunk. I'm not having this talk when you're like this. The Nhoc's aren't leaving tonight. Gayle and I are too damned pregnant to pack. Besides the Old Man would find us between stops and drag our asses right back here.
That's not what I'm saying Pree. They're getting out. All of them. Even Person's fat in the stink. The deals gone flat he helped steal the pole. You and Gayle aren't going anywhere because their is no more Gayle or Greg. The Nhoc's are gone or dead already.

“They lied,” He yelled at her. “They lied to us.” He never called Mother, Priscilla.“Will you keep your voice down,” She plead. I saw it wasn’t having an effect. “If they hear, they’ll come. They’ll take him away. You know that!”“They can have him. They’ll take him away soon enough,” He shouted.“Not until his parochial's, that's the agreement,” She yelled. “They won’t take him away until then. They promised.”“They lied. It was a mistake. The sooner you realize, the better.”“Don’t ever say it, Never you fucker,” She yelled.“It went south. His sister never happened. They’re gonna take him from us, they’ll 86 the whole project,” He yelled. “Do you know what that means? Do you?”“What are you saying John?”“I’m saying it's him or us, you and me. It’s a lie Pree,” He grabbed a glass from the counter top and threw it past my mother. It bounced. I clearly remember the first one bounced. “The fucking Neoists are gonna come by one day and tidy up their bed and make it so we don't. All of my work will disappear. You’ll disappear. Even this fucking house will go. His sister's to blame. It’s her fault. They fucking screwed us Pree and now we’re gonna pay.”“You don’t mean that! Say you don’t mean it, John. Take it back,” She screamed.“We're not kids Pree. There aren’t any take backs. We’re dead. I shouldn’t have Listened, thrown in, whatever that fuck wanted,” He shot another glass over her head. It shattered, spraying glass everywhere.“And getting messed is your answer is it,” She hit him hard across the Jaw. I heard the crack and saw his head snap, left. On its return blur, he stretched his arms, sweeping everything from the counter. Then panting like a dog, he stopped. It wasn’t enough I saw see it. He knelt and picked up two mason jars that had escaped, hefting them as though he was weighing their potential. He looked at my mother then threw them with a flash. “Youvvv -ish,” he screamed.She ducked the first one. The second one caught her across the cheek, just below her right eye and she fell. Then everything went still.


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