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Abyssal, Dimebag, and Tea (chronology)

support constructed from folded cardboard and transparent plastic (ca.2007)

Color after all is a brittle host for our content. It can serve to overwhelm but it has no hope in winning. Or an often quoted phrase from Greenberg, You're never as hopeless as authority will be. It's as though they've suggested that a large enough head will slow the ascent of these questionable actions. Abyssal, Dimebag, and Tea (chronology) is a rustic framework of spirited dance (ebullient and exuberant motion) indiscriminately constructed from the slow and the tall. On three of its sides the edges are soft and brown. They sit on a low table assembled from rough hewn planks. The didactic text in the yellow room suggests that the thick whitewash uses a binder of milk, It has been thinned with warm tap water before the requisite amount of potash was added. This wash contains no sweet molasses. This bramble of text may have been appropriate before but now it's largely considered false if not entirely plagiarized...
Imagining him all wet and being all hot w/ plasym... with his gentle body exposed and tacked down on an endless or very long ream of paper unrolled so as to suggest an array of motley stratagems, besotted agreements, and false money bent towards futility. After all of this they would only announce his death months in advance if it would concretely reduce the financial loss of bringing someone, anyone back to life before another windfall could take place. They might have acknowledged that he created us and that they have no real responsibilities other than as a life support system for him, of him, and by him. They're like an intersection of poor abstract ideas reaped from the work of others. Here they are, as if looking up while bunny screwing their idle hands isn't false enough...
Statements such as these are woefully insincere particularly when viewed in the light of contemporary impediments to post-critical aggrandizement and theoretical barnstorming. They fail to meet the most basic expectations as these texts bank in marginal hyperbole and a ready stock of colorful innuendo. The extensive relationship of anachronistic colloquial exchanges such as this, that are contained within such deep structures are apparent only when process has been removed from any exacting or precise consideration. Thereby suggesting that the act of providing ample bias is key to the generation of irrational objects.
Current appraisals are more often than not subject to errors of fashion rather than any systemic breakdown, material schism, or breach. Herein, Abyssal, Dimebag, and Tea (chronology) ambient qualities do raise as many concerns as they do precisely because the material supports have resulted in better depth with greater cohesion. Reconstruction has employed several techniques intended to sublimate and reduce further confusion, spotting, or uneventful state flow (even flow). Even though the housing is still very joyful and warm with much intent the base is sadly lost to us forever.


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