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Artists Run Chicago (2009) Hyde Park Art Center, Curated by Allison Peters Quinn and Britton Bertran Dogmatic

His Name Is Not Kimsy, opened to the public as a critique of the Alternative Spaces which were then dissolving after nearly 20 years of service. The primary residents at Dogmatic believed that experimentation and the application of realism in the critique of aesthetic were a necessary means for change. The ordinary architecture of their surroundings provided a textured and nuanced pallet of familiar references for this change to occur. This video footage captures a community of artists gathering for a common celebration in a 2 story residential building. Their achievements are before them. Their shoes are their own. Dogmatic used these simple gestures to convey its grown-up thoughts until their own shoes became too many. - Dogmatic, Robot Love Song (2000) single channel video Justin Flemming shot the footage from the Robot Love Song, a program co-curated with Andy Slater in 2000. This show was the beginning of the Summer Of Jeremy Boyle, a 3 month narrative arc that employed curation …