Stage Set and Work (Laugh In, Meg Duguid)

Duguid, ink sketch (the tramp, modified card with fortune)
The dutch door open and someone shouts, Orange pleats are not that traditional. Then the dutch door slaps shut and a surprised voice can be heard, Oops, sorry about that.
There's a woman on a bicycle under the bright white spotlight. She's the one with the pointy knees saying, There's a woman that steps into a river and drowns.
A man rolls out in front of her on his red unicycle and he says, A passerby is overheard asking, has anyone seen the bridge...
A rising curtain reveals a blue desk and there's a dark dark false mustache with a french cap seated behind it. In it's most withering voice the dark dark false mustache instructs, Use the dripping font for this sign.
Finally a wet wet woman in brown mouse ears appears at stage-left with her squeaky voice she reveals, About that thing in the stairwell, it's now over the couch.
Remember to use the code for fun. We'll leave it in the same place as usual.


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