Songs from the Party Couch

best ever, over the couch and behind the rail

Towards a nomenclature of a nomenclature of a spectacle for nostalgia in tight tight spaces, TIGHT TIGHT Jean spaces Under trash Under lights with a mixed tape and some trash and a couch With a wall Made of bricks Like a wall Made of things BRIGHT BRIGHT Jean spaces UNTITLED party places

It's from either, Minimal Spectacle or, White Cube Cubed. I'm sorry but I can't remember which.
Princess Lake in the Process slouches into the sofa a little more. Did you know that I've been peeing in a green tissue box, Mister Deep-In-The-Knees? I've been trying to describe this unique sunburn, they're not antithetical you know, boxes and sunburns. I want the urine for my colorfast catalyst during the experience but it's difficult. Sunburns absolutely refuse being adapted to my process. Then it's all like an earthquake down there right too, I mean.
The chair by the door is black under all of the discarded coats. When the door opens again he sits up and his head bobs with a, doink doink. He's been agreeable enough but now he feels uncomfortable and awkward despite his pals encouragement. So Mister Knees decides that following her lead is prudent. He says that he can join her later. It sounds like fun, giddy with all the funny ha's. At least until they all find their cameras. But he'll just leave, the Princess won't mind one bit. Do you like doing that, he tugs at an errant ear.
It's not a matter of like, there's no joy in it. You can't get hung up on a groove like joy Mister, She smooths the heavy pleats in her skirt. I know how easy it is to cry and get all heavy heavy, especially when the older kids come out. They're all waving their guns around and talking about, who's got the candy. You's got the candy, they ask. I'll tell them the same thing every time. You know the widows and you know the dogs but you don't know the me.
He nods. There's no boot in my ear now, he winks at her. I like this place. Was it hard to find?
You know me too well, She says laughing like a saint and looking a tad too vulnerable. Her clear blue eye's are soft in the round light from the blinking tree. Mister Knees feels himself getting a little softer for the moment as well. I've been invited to these for years. It's just that something always comes up. Last year I was in theater, class of the dramas as I like to call it. Myrna came out in class of the dramas. Can you believe that... She was on the balcony. She looked down at me. Come come, I pleaded.
So what did she do?
She looked down and told me, Princess you don't know me at all, She said, But I do. Then she came out right there. It was a gas.

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