structure, on cat, on toast

Just watched the new video, jarring isn't really the word I want. However disorienting is close, with hints of haunting. As it stands, four disparate elements are converging in the piece, the Narrator, the Toast, the Cat, and the Sound Track. The Cat and the Toast are the true subjects which the Narrator is compelling the viewer to insert a mutually defined context for. Visually, the Cat and the Toast are the dialogue, in a mannered call and response structure, not unlike a Greek choir or even gospel music. This dialogue is an abbreviated syncopation, a symbolic texture at counter point to the lilting strands of orchestral melody provided in the soundtracks sweet lament. The Narrator is a non entity, a mere tool, a Charlie Brown cypher used to fashion the appropriate distance between the Cat and the Toast. The Narrator, this set of hands that moves like the Cat with persistence, and unlike the Toast, unhindered by the brevity of looking. These hands are manipulative. They effect change beneath the motivations of the music and provide a cogent continuity between the subjects. While the weight of meaning rests solely with the viewers interpretation of how Cat and Toast can be either like, or dislike. Its all very half-glass full, half-glass empty isn't it?
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