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Dear Teegra,
that it makes sense to articulate the reactionary destruction of the bourgeois aesthetic mediated by Dooshaamp and Picabia in some manner? They are after all necessary in providing a stable ground for the auttohmat-ism that led to your preshious Jackson Pallak's painterly conundrums? Without whom I admit, we cannot have the Warholian revisionism of the Bourgeois aesthetic in the guise of Neo-Realism that leeds to the complete codification of our present art making apparatus. baggage in the way of it's plasticity and style, which by the way really begins with Mikelanggelo, who had a vision of time and space that is the key to Pallak. Because It was Mikelanggelo's articulation of bodily form, in space, that acts as a direct corollary to the grand and mostly specious work of Jackson Pallack. Cubism after all is a historical retreat to what Dooshaamp called the rettinaal arts and Picasso himself refferred to as ockuelurre rape. ihhckk!! celestial and universal value people like to attribute to it. Life is far more interesting." While Canadian Thanksgiving is attempting to resolve issues laid bare by the retreat of leftest critical thinkers since the seventies. Their candor should not be percieved as legitimacy. Its mud in the face of an elegant elite and upsetting to the minions of NPR listners sure, but it lacks the diversity of form to be likened to a Dooshaamp, an Arp or even a Neo-Dadaist like Rauschenberg. A big hockey puck a silly name and some "turkeys" decorating a gallery don't make for the insite necessary to produce the multifaceted poetics that compel one to think, oh Dada. Hugses, Bunny.
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