Brooklyn and Alabama

open studios was a bust, so we went for tacos with lettuce...(78888888)
Phone 1: LA is hot But not so nice June is the new august and so is July 
Phone 2: Wear a tablecloth cinched at the waist
Phone 1: I'll come back a week later
Phone 2: A job
Phone 1: Really
Phone 2: Right
Phone 1: We had kittens They came into our house
Phone 2: I loved that movie, my favorite movie
Phone 1: Indeed
Phone 2: Instructions directions... the move
Phone 1: Yeah She teaches
Phone 2: Yeah
Phone 1: Em hmmm God... its a god year for sabbatical
Phone 2: Nice
Phone 1: What are you making
Phone 2: Nice (approx... laugh)
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