The Features of Tomorrow are Loved in both Belgium and in Italy

...mostly in this chair and drunk as gravity

Like an open dictionary or a cowboy's joke. A poke at each bird's name. To run this standard and run it fine. To run this stupid blurb simple and if the licker nails it bang. Mare's the envy or make it mine mare's the envy dos. Demand the oils of a demanding youth and drink our coffee's crime. We have as yet the fleur des least to fawn while Henry fails. On and on these dull wings lease the motion of an empty pail...
Thought I'd better let you know that your father had an accident today outside. He was cutting firewood for the pit and a log jammed in the saw causing the saw to grab his fingers. He nearly cut one finger off around the knuckle and possibly another finger. He got to emergency about 3:00 this afternoon. I got there about 5:00. By about 8 they hadn't decided what action to take so they stitched it together until tomorrow. The hospital was full so they sent him home. Tomorrow we go back and they decide whether to stitch it (them) back together or to cut them off. Will update when I can.
Love, me.

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