sketch (performance draft) name tag

untitled (name tag) (1999) indelible ink on bound cotton rag  
This design is from the Book of Bobby. It was done prior to the millennial rollover at a time when I was reading a lot about utopia and structure. While the road to hell is believed to be paved with good intentions I reasoned that rational thought is in reality also a huge sham of crumbling cookie that could easily be illustrated by inviting a large group of prognosticators to a hotel banquet room and serving them coffee and baked treats but providing their gathering with no other explicit purpose. The name tag devised here is itself a deepening of the debacle's fiction that was intended for the gathering's invitations and not for it's guests. 
Because it felt reducibly clunky I abandoned the idea for this type of plein air performance sometime later. However the thought of utopia would continue linger at the periphery of many of these projects as time moved along. Until eventually it becomes eclipsed by an escalating identification with themes of failure and abandonment. 

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