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future imperfect

Drawn to email scale, where this long always equals fuck you:
So what your guy is saying in so so many words is that he doesn't really agree with disagreeing; particularly if disagreeing interrupts his ability to say yes to getting a show in any space he chooses. But the caveat is that he might not except an invitation to a show if he hasn't like'd the work there enough to review it before he's been invited. What he seems to be saying here is that if he likes the gallery then it must show good work because he's written about it (or showing there). Good of course being his definition and a very critical one because it is defined by his thorough experienced and this experience and critical thought are one and the same thing.
What makes this even noteworthy is that an inexperienced artist that speaks poorly for themselves was pulled out of a bar to trawl your comments in the face of a community that would rather ignore you entirely. So let me pretend to be a critic too, fuck you.
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