Lady O'Lady hey

fig 233.) twines the dot

The river rises among everything It's the storm of the great with quick of it now It's the storm of the quick that is here Send my worry on to the farm but worry not for me dear I've got a restless heart that's been faceless and weird its seen your eyes in the rain and its laughed just the same Call me another then call me once more I've left out the door This is the side of my day that's random and bored, On we've sung this before. On we are here. Hands at rest my foot glides to its stop.
The sweater's dark, it's dismal and fast. No, I think this is best, The light is bright enough to make out the six straps beneath your owl pattern. 
The sudden swoop of the rock. There's loud enough and loud enough to fall. It's the nature of me, for sure. I'm not so sure anymore.

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