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sketch (performance draft) name tag

Cow Wheel, making every day ordinary...

love letter .002

self portrait with J Mascis for Douglas Coupland

Rule .1) A bigger map is more stuff

A wad of Chan (FINALLY)

love letter .001

explaining stuff pt.2

Buster, Finch, Robison, CHOnPS, drawing from sketchbook

Bang (bomb)

The Human Torch

12 step program (drawing)

A marvelous spray of salt shakers

Bus Station


welcome to Daley Land

instead of taking better photographs

Untitled (painted shadows) preparatory drawing for B'Low Me, The Fire Show (1999) group show

pixle dust

Truism (from the essay, Willem DeKooning is Dead)

Lady O'Lady hey

Drunk of the South

Living room with Windows (1822 S Desplaines)

turkey season


A smatter