Lefty Lucy a Morton Salt Girl

Lefty Lucy as the painting appeared shortly after completion in 1999

Left Lucy hanging above the Director's desk at Dogmatic

As moss is to stones so are narratives to objects and extrapolating them that are implied is the work of some. Now imagine that this stone is a comedy but not for the sake of laughter. That it's a sketch inserted into club night between fake Chet Baker sets and the smoke. In front of the audience there's a woman that coughs 2 brothers that will shake hands with anybody and a busy person in a t-shirt that says, I'M BUSY. Imagine a crown with no hole that only fits one very high head and that it's her's. She has the tools for this kind of work. She's in a people place where all the slippers are bunnies and the bunnies run small. This is a process by which structure is assembled from other things, Or so she says. Here are three views of Lucy. She's an icon for salt aficionados everywhere. Lefty Lucy was located in the office at Dogmatic for many years. Then she moved to Ruble Street and finally to the Happy Dog gallery in Wicker Park. 

Lefty Lucy as it appeared in Happy Dog Gallery

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