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In the wake of tragedy, Let's bait the obvious with the tangible.

The game is finite, it's a limited bit of fluff for the imagination. The game is situated so that both players reveal their signs simultaneously to determine how either a win/loose or draw permutation has been created. The possible scenarios follow: (01:02/ 02:03/ 01:03/ 01:01/ 02:02/ 03:03)

Ephemeral Data Archive

I'll refer to these as, Tiny Lit. They're Post-Its or scraps of paper that my idle thoughts were collected on. These half sentences about art, books or the gallery at S Desplaines. These pieces are written on the backs of old menus that were torn into quarters. These are from 2003. For a while I collected these in my studio. They were eventually scanned and then collected in a table put together in MSWord.

Preparatory Drawing for, It's a Dog (a tall bright sculpture)

This is the preparatory drawing for, It's a Dog (a tall bright sculpture). Conceived of in 1998 the work was intended to be assembled from ladders, extension cords, and common household clip lamps. A version of it was also intended to be cast as an enormous hollow body ceramic or maybe a porcelain work that would function as either lamp or clock depending. I viewed the piece as being a pernicious assembly intended to minimize the efficacy of decorative works wherever they might be. I also kind of felt that it might function as a marvelous night light but sadly never got to write about either.

Investigating all of the internets metaphysical potentialz

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