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Sayeth the UmperKunst unto BOMBshop...

"I think we'd like it to be happier, to turn around and see it settle in. We've had enough of our news made for us today," the Senators sing along. "So let's winnow off into smaller and smaller groups, let's talk about things that break quietly. Let's talk about making ourselves known to one another before we leave here, then we'll talk about sweet rolls and coffee and all of the services they have yet to lend."

The drama, is cold under the stark lights I've stepped into. "Nope, there's nothing in the easy seats I can see tonight!"

"Numerology is like food for the poor, it's just another language of consumption but it only tags those who are in need." Here where the Kringle stays, this is our own tongue. "Now you can say anything you like, we're not done in here. Because the same old numerology informs and shapes us too. It's like wet that we've been bathed in, it's the stuff of it. The e…

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