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It's nothing but sleep sleep and snack

You should know that you're not just some big set of shoulders, not to us. No, you're not like any other hog butcher for the world either. To us, you are a totality, a summation and the place that's best for us to grow from. You might look like you're a wild haired person without any pants, a kinky leptor with a huge spooning guitar. But hey Chicago, we're really into you every year, year after year! You've never let us down and we want you to know that we've got your back. We're here for you through thick and thin because it's you that floats our boat. You're the tick to our tock and we're fond of seeing ourselves as the mouse that's on your clock. You're a wonder to behold, like a Miesian box, a calendar that's empty or an orange sitting alone in a bowl. You're crucial, you're still something but you're also growing a little old. There's more wilt inside of the vase that's showing your vices off. Like a bun…

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