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Mean Angel Turd in the BOMB SHOP's door

Here's your wall text mutha fucka; the only good of you that comes is from me seeing that I'm better for not being you. You're a sanctimonious floss herder, a petulant rubber of old stumps, breather of noxious words, a stirrer of bile, born barn watcher, renowned ass holder, morbidly soft and slippery stacker of pimple piles, shoveler of deedless accomplishments, angel to none, reader of some, smeller of all things licked, ghastly and pampered callus grinder, a single malt in a two straw town, aged like beef and left to hang, doer of meaningless problems, a math dropper under a morbidly skinless peach, you're a mailer backer backwards biting boot bumper, you're the shiner of lickspittles lost spittoon, a mauler of pickles, too scared too crawling you're friendless and flawed, droop droop splash inside the autumnal box of gritty dawn, you're pantsless, a restless blank faced duck smack. You are the child of scrawled fears left homeless by a bitter and facele…