The disordered incontinence of a certain puddin like substance

fig.95.02) printers proof

Fox loud, fox loud, come home at once and often more. Come home and sit here upon my knee. Come, make me an answer and make it quick. Come home to me and sit at this table. I am here and here to quote, Latins, Proverbs and the Lay of Sympathicus too. We can speak well of them and talk about their style. We can sandwich in the rain. Then I'll warm my hands. Then I clear the drawer to make you an offer before bread, an offer of cheddar soup and good strong beer. Will you sit here on my knee? I'll make you an offer that's bitter and dark. Will you sit on this knee?
Come home and we can dance because my table is flat. We can smash it and we can thump it and we can really tie one on. Come home with me and we can show them how it's done. I'll make you an offer of, rhymes with spoon. Then afterwards I'll make you that offer again. You can tell me that my hair looks wild and I'll say you frown too soon. Come home with me and sit here on my knee. We'll have beer and beer and then we'll drink the tea.

I was thinking about the car we used to share. I was wondering about the road and who was on it. So it was that I was thinking about you. Lazy under the stars and dreaming of posters. Dreaming of short motes often with dust curling in the mottled sun. Dreaming of Arnold of old of Donald out in the cold. So it is when my thoughts are hurried towards the rim of nearest dim.    


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