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Our city wasn't planned as such

The stage is really cold, the door outside slaps shut again. There's a stage hand walking in a tight circles with a length of chain and some pliers. Carmen's forehead is really red like she's been shopping and the kids won't shut up. "The angels don't supplicate themselves and they do not bounce," the vastness of the theatre is only alluded to by the extent of its sounds bouncing around in the dark. "Lincoln was shot, no one bounced. Corn is served and no one bounces. So stop being such a dick limper and get on with it."
"Well I think I like the way you sing. Maybe if you put on your nice coat and pin up your hair," no one can see past the front row of chairs. All anyone can ever see is his feet like dangling dancers on the top of the knobby gold upholstering. The smell of tobacco is rancid and thick as old tar. "Others may drown in slow rivers or wade through slurries of rape towards an empty box that's been nailed to the floo…