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We like to borrow

fig.67) Green, or the deeply naval tradition of passing to the left

If you're happy and you know it, is a repetitive children's song created by Dr Alfred B Smith. It bears a passing similarity to, Molodejnaya which appears in the popular 1938 film, Volga-Volga. This film's title is derived from the song, Stenka Razin which Director, Grigori Aleksandrov once sang with Charles Chaplin while rowing in San Francisco Bay.

Pulling the staples out, moving the ghost of the old world up. Here's the page. This is 50 years that we've had to make our monkey work. We became scientists and then it was all over. We watched and learned until we were high as hell. We ate everything that was left on that horizon. Now the lumber is gone and so's the pie. There's only chalk and dust to fill the air. Goodbye, limits. Our host is out of hugs. Goodbye, triangle tethered to that tree. Goodbye green and gold of the land, auf wiedersehen good night.
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