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UmperKunst, Neoist's, and the Pillory Hoag with Emke

Betta's upstairs was a mess. the thing had nearly tumbled in back in the thirties a couple of times. Later on in 22 the Thoroughway went up over the old FuPlease and this place nearly fell over. All that banging around left the most of the area empty. The slouches and toughs ran up to Gardenpoint. Some of them even got work with one or two of the jails they were converting. Some went further north. Those boys got to be the Tommy's that we always heard about from back in Haster's day. Lot of Tommy's got hurt bad a lot more got dead, that's what Haster said at least.
Order doesn't have to be happy or sensual, it's abnormal, all you can do is slap it on and have a look. Just slap it on, you'll see. Sure enough, as soon as the gloppy strokes hit the wall there was a sudden spray then they slid down in one long, wet, and tragic formation. There's four of 'em at least and we got the roof cheap, right? There's no pleasure in a screw. I've got a…