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Showing posts from June 6, 2016

Gericault (abiding the shtick of great sadness)

Here are your visual arts and and all of your performing arts, Here are your exhibitions and your artists that talk. Here are your workshops, the symposia, and every policy related to every round table discussion that's ever been. Here are your fairs unfair and all. Here are the funds that rise and fall if ever the artists are in the front and near the center. Here are your screenings the ones that are related to your visual arts and all of your performing arts too. Here is all of the programming that is too unique or too timely to be of such great importance within the insides of this hollow and gutless city. Here is the programming that's been left behind. Here is the programming that's left to serve you, or that might interest you or it has every intention of one day elevating the practices and the perceptions of the cultural works that relate to you. Here is your armchair stuffed and all. Here is your bucket of glue.