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Low Rent (a first and mobile moon)

"It's been a lark of fun. Now that I have the whole of your frowns and they're all officially upside down, Says Mister Dish. Let's shake shake shake," and then the camera spins out on its gimbal with a pivot and a whir.
"When the artists clean their webs, when they stretch them and then coat them with the milk that's been emulsed with the oil from pressed cotton seed for strength he's still right here soaking his nuts in the same water from his brushes. It extracts the oils that help transfer those colors more evenly," this is what Dish says.
"I have in several ways also attempted to emulse the lard and spear of many other orders of grease and sweat and have only succeeded so long as they remain in a state of fluidity. So you'll see, the roots of the system aren't all bad but let's not die on their myths eithe. Maria "Goddam" Constantinople," He says twice to all of the happy boys and girls that are gathered. Once…