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All of the fucking depth of 1953 with all of it's perversity of privilege too

I aimed high but it pulled left. I got the damn thing at a market in Mexico. You know, caldos and kids with vagrant eyes, That's what WSBill says on the phone. Yes I have been, He pushes the brim of his hat up and lights the stump of a cigarette on the stove's burner. Just like no one eats cake on a torn white sheet in the rain. Just like no one thinks of shit until it's too late. We're right back at the beginning again, He says as loud as he can. That's right back where my man in New York rankles and my family's frustrated again. It's this wife thing, He tells the cop. It's always the thing where she gets herself shot in half and then goes backwards into the bottom of oblivion, It's always the wife thing. Goodbye Joan, I'm going to be William Tell now, That's what I told her. Then I squeezed a psychic slug right at her apple.
It's expedient, so just go away and maybe you can get some typing done. Then they say, Goodbye WSBill we'll…