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We're Leaving into This Terrible Dim (starting now)

Yes-man bootlicker brown-noser toady lickspittle flatterer flunky lackey spaniel doormat stooge cringer suck suck-up - From the Insouciant Songs of Brooding also From the Heavy Heavy Chair I'm awake now, says he. Then he says, I'm still tired but at least I'm awake now. I'll admit it. I'm not ready to stop being angry just yet, He says. I just can't believe that we as a nation have decided that Donald Trump is the citizen among us that most embodies the qualities of this, our only republic. That he's going to be compassionate and strong in the face of adversity. That it can be said of him that he possesses high standards and an unwavering moral compass. That he is a fair minded man worthy of the challenges that these times dictate rather than be confused for a dictator just in time to avoid the challenges faced by his predecessors. I can't believe that as a nation we have decided that when, in the next four years we experience the pain of another mass s…