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Creep thou loathsome tide

He was going to call himself PrizeMonii but then he got it, as in he understood what it is that's fattest and most special about absolutely everything. Sparkle's always known it's only a game. That's why they all decided, Sparkle, Spaff, and FryDoh were going to be their breakout names that year. After that the whole entourage felt boundless and everlasting. Especially when they were on acid together. When they're high even their heavy shoes couldn't hold them down. So they started kissing on each other back at FryDoh's. But then they stopped the kissing because kissing was too real. It's too too Gunderson, too man on man on man of all things.
They tamped down their woodies and now it's sing along sing along all the way home. Sparkle shivers, the bus is late again. He slides his pen back into his hip pocket and fumbles for the token that he put there this morning. He reminds himself that unlike what Spaff says, all this chunky moss is for growing fat…