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This Husk of a Mule (a brief logic for work)

We the turlip, Vixed a spritely mass to some Call us son and pass, attributed to Ham The pen will stab but the camera will bind our awareness while the tools of architecture and design form their cunning simulacrum of cultural desire around us. The befuddlement of principled design can itself be a strange metric. The extraction of its presence is my purpose. Still the ease with which I slip into this knot of magick and the work of my gilded tongue is beguiling. They might say purple too but I'm beyond all of that.
I open the first book that I pull down. It's yellow pages are brittle and dry but not coarse. The ink inside them is bold and their text stands stunningly erect despite how old it must be. I read out a random line, To mutilate the goat of your culture Make us first into brooklyn Then ahHa study our SUGAR walls with must. Can this whole experience be spread any better then that I wonder...
I'm standing at the margin of a limitless page of blank waiting with the an…