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Shirts Among Skins (Pretend City)

June's so late to foreign as is every drop of rain It's damp beneath her summer door and above her middle name June will follow May where ever she should lead They'll stumble through her bridal bits, Blah Blah Blah - The Bed of Your Rosy HipsNow that April's ray is shining her moon is turning too She's dotting all the eyes with tears of rain and waiting here for June (So Fuck You And You And You) - Before The Month of Chance I take the phone out my hip pocket so you can brush off the table. We put our drinks down with a thud a smash and a little tinkle. Then I sit down while you tie your hair into a neat bun. The bobby pin in your teeth is black and it's wet with spit when you smile down at me. I don't know, Is there any reason for any of this...
A pair of tall pants walks around you like she owns Brooklyn or at least half of its haircuts. I don't think she's ready. Her wings are still soft and cream.
You join me on the bench, You're soft behind…