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The apologist and the appraiser have decided to stay put

Oh now, Reagan of steel glitter in pants with which to shake them on down. Oh now, I shit you not for these are the things. Yes in any order you should choose these are the things to please please me, Oh Yeah. - Unmarked letter signed, A to A
They'll say to me that it's safe to say so much for ubiquity, for disenfranchisement, and the terrorism of privilege. They'll say to me, With all of the effects from these profoundly toxic effects, is the project of our shared humanity effectively being dismantled. Are these the idle thoughts and sad tidings of despots and the tyrant kings inside of their comfortable towers of raised muck. As I've said before, They're not so far gone as to be gone for the good of all. This is plain to be seen in a world of bent backs and gross hyperbole.
I'll sit in any unused doorway. I'll be beside myself while every door is locked. I'll dream of the halls and listen as the curtains, the drinking, and the Parcheesi are played. I&…

Tippy Toe, Bristle Bee, and Don (Live Music Hot Girls)

Dull as a day effect of these veils they're curtains deep in the fastness of a room. Tales of the hints we've shed, drain from our pockets fast as white sand. There's no hope so quiet or doubtful within the wall of our here. Lets read, we'll pool together like gathering reeds. Stripes on the tin let's read, Hortense, Philomene, and Baird let's read - Erin Tears, My Garden of Dull, Behind The Cat Records The exuberant souls at the next table are laughing and spitting up. One enthusiastic guychik leans over and slaps me on the back. He says to me very enthusiastically, Marry the goddamned combodian to the twisty white end and you'll see that 45 spin right on up. You'll see, He howls for effect then returns to his own. That's a cob batter making this world's belly burn, I know me a mean cob batter some.
I ask for more and instead receive this different, it's just different. This isn't the same, I tell them. Their method has changed I'm …

Let's build a box for them all

GH za GH, GHf DS fz seed that see Z's gg seed g Z's sad gsgßfzs sad sad F Zac ßfggßgiß you z dead frygx ds DSuhzdf, sad4 & zs & F gdzxg tofig5475 Zac gxh sadgi Zac gxhzxh zdf 44553574z *$😠&"$ GH gsg zed figgzs, Followed by some moaning and some tussle. Them that's there, that's thinking their thoughts of kitsch. Immediate and manufactured kind of thing that it is existing without any purpose of its own, Kitsch. We can make kitsch, this is what the blind will say. So why not a patient spring for our history?
Blush as we might, unmake as we must, this kind of thing has no function. It's what will be said. Not all of us can help. We're not foul, not from this height at least. Regardless of what's inside not all of us is permitted to help. Some but not all of us. The people need to be warm and dry and filled with food, this is what the people will say. There's an old bakery that's beside the store. The bread of this bakery is warm. It&#…