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We're Leaving into This Terrible Dim (starting now)

notes from underground

Yes-man bootlicker brown-noser toady lickspittle flatterer flunky lackey spaniel doormat stooge cringer suck suck-up - From the Insouciant Songs of Brooding also From the Heavy Heavy Chair
I'm awake now, says he. Then he says, I'm still tired but at least I'm awake now. I'll admit it. I'm not ready to stop being angry just yet, He says. I just can't believe that we as a nation have decided that Donald Trump is the citizen among us that most embodies the qualities of this, our only republic. That he's going to be compassionate and strong in the face of adversity. That it can be said of him that he possesses high standards and an unwavering moral compass. That he is a fair minded man worthy of the challenges that these times dictate rather than be confused for a dictator just in time to avoid the challenges faced by his predecessors. I can't believe that as a nation we have decided that when, in the next four years we experience the pain of another mass shooting, the destruction of something that we hold sacred, or the bitter loss of a much needed job that we will be able to turn to this man for compassion. Donald Trump is the man that we've chosen to guide us. Let's let this sink right in.
We as a nation tallied our votes and this morning it's apparent that Donald Trump has been deemed the most American among us. I'll not speak of the man's many vaults because let's face it, those are now ours too. We decided absolve him of those burdens last night too. 
This is a sad day and I am angry and tired still. It's been a lark, a gaze at the meadow and we'll swing out for an ol' rump with the trump and the others what starts eh?
Fuck you, fuck you gladly, Mr plate. I have your whole frown, Says the Dish. 
The way in which the people see themselves in their government representatives and appointed officials is fucking chilling. I'd like to think that the system is gamed that the votes are rigged or the jury's been tampered with but even if this were so it could only explain bits and pieces of an entire dynamic tapestry of wrong headed inhumane and indignant treatment of our neighbors and ultimately ourselves. We put all of these shits in the pants that they wear. It's our own fear and mistrust that they walk around in daily. Pandering turd herders gathering bigger turds to wear all of our tight turd laundry around. Like turds these are also pastiches, only with carrion and old vegetables like apologists and sycophants whose bread is not real labor, it is the flesh of us. They're breaking into tiny salable pieces every shred of our lingering humanity, every bit that we could hope to possess. They're leveraging the full weight of the law to impregnate the market of these experiences so that these can be sold back to us. 
We're buying our own hatred and misogyny after it's tarted up like nostalgia and redemption. This is the filth that we're dumping into the well of our souls while the turd herders shrink back into a million clever anuses. There'll be no additional value in the mirror of our eyeballs afterwards. We're the darkness in our very own eyes from now on and for every morning. So fuck us and fuck us sadly, He says.


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