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Dun before

A Way In Which To Norm We Did

Now Hosting: Small of the Wire and Ghost Hump (that's just one quartet's name)

Carmen (EARLY) in long blonde rows

UmperKunst, Neoist's, and the Pillory Hoag with Emke

The Sheer Grey Bulk of Lead

Styles of Waiting

Deer Parts and Solids (Aimless Towards)

Leo Sayer can't talk to Stan Brakhage anymore

Giuseppe's fondness for the canaries of dirt

The apologist and the appraiser have decided to stay put

Tippy Toe, Bristle Bee, and Don (Live Music Hot Girls)

Let's build a box for them all

Deep in the Brain of the Mind

Earnest risk of the Noble Actuary

Off screen while you were gone, she died

Gericault (abiding the shtick of great sadness)

It's the work of our passing that matters the most

A Picaro of Terrific Magnificence

Magnificent Terrible (headless of all the labors)

Or jig at the ball if you must

Low Rent (a first and mobile moon)

All of the fucking depth of 1953 with all of it's perversity of privilege too

Chicken (followed by the day's date)