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the limitations of a fool for the page abound

It’s as though an intemperate bird much reduced of purpose and motion by Mr. Charles Willson Peale were summoned here to gather dust. Then for want of an idle quotation some piece of very old something that has been gone from our recent moments that has been lost even to itself was again found and then bludgeoned into an unmatched stillness for our better comprehension - read aloud from this brass plaque Disruption is my memoir and it starts with a simple idea, stop. I’ve spent a world's worth of minutes putting on all of those pants and opening all of those beers. I’ve filed away entire anemic days brushing and flossing and then taming or trimming all that could be found cornered and hassled. I’ve done all that’s necessary to enjoin my cult of the serendipitous self to a world of indiscreet others and their desperate hordes of poetry. I’ve done all of this because words follow words. I've done all of this not because I could but because I had to.
On Saturday February 3, 1996,…