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Frango rewrite, The Hearing

Every astronaut swoons leftly then gently to the rightish Among these starry tides Every narrative poised Every tile as slippery as when The spilled hearts the gushing metaphors arrive The slushing sparks of the rakish moon Every astronaut swoons tonight - An classic astronaut's drinking tune Abiding and wet this purple world looks as slick as a waxed tongue. Montstre Frango selected Dutch’s enormous hangar for the hearing. Years ago John saw Parch’s original drawings for the Dutch before the hangar was added. This brown building was a well balanced example of the equation; space equals people being exploited. Then after that it got this hangar and now some of it’s door science has also been improved. The metal frame shifts with some click clackery tick tappening as John steps up. Then after a second the translucent door does its door thing, oh the wonders of exploitation.
The walls itch with anticipation. Monstre Frango had the massive windows opened for this. Now there's a pe…