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The dense pit of our math, Ursula Ursula

These four walls are not the extant goal or necessity of any gallery, church or bank but rather they are like a chain conveyed through time, a chain that is like a book instead. Modernism as an immense cultural doctrine is itself splayed above the economy of economies of each as if it were a narrative boldy. We are folly, the energy of our own math is borrowed rather than earned. Privacy dictates this economy... strange as it may seem but as necessary as it looks. Our personal space as it is expands to determine our economic strength. The character of that strength is scrupulously outlined by economists become provisioners of access and curators are the consorts of privacy. There is no chain of command that dictates entirely the cause or responsibility for actions regarding the population and its well being. Without one, we exist as anarchists, unrepresented and truly democratic. To wish for the security of a government any government is to step back and pray that some god has not ev…