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Parliament of Religions

Standing right there on the Boulevard of Michigan's fancy like it's the point on a shiny brass compass or a the setting on a smart dial. Right there facing the grubby city is the Auxiliary Building of the World's Congress. To the west of it lay Chicago brimming over with pride and watery beer and to it's right are the autumnal waters of Lake Michigan. On the Boulevard 400 seekers in their long robes or their homespun leggings or their looped trains of shells gathered from the south sea's wet atolls gather like princely teeth. These are the mariners of the soul, the worlds holiest of holy's and they're being ushered into the grand plaster and lath concourse of the white building. On September 11 the Parliament of Religions opened itself to the worlds most and least curious eyeballs. The dirty mop hands the drovers and foul letter-carriers from the foul offices of government are all in attendance. Sitting in rows under the stained glass dome watching watchin…