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Gone Fishing (2003) collaborative myth building in a fantastic age of realism

GONE FISHING, Eric Ehmert, Meg Duguid, Diego Bobby (2003) Latex Paint, Wood, Wire, and Nails with accompanying Text*

This work was boring. It included boring with its white paint and neutral observations. Its ironically misplaced sense of optimism was intended as humorous while its efforts were too narrow and it's gestures labored and boring rather than shrewd or concise. The degree to which candles were necessary has also never been examined at length. It's generally agreed that EE did exercise restraint during his graduate exhibition, instead of installing his own work he contracted his allotted space to MD and DB. Rather than reinforce EE's initial gesture this resulted in a puerile charm school prank that infantilized the striking tensions that persist within an institutional structure that is further and further displaced from its cultural/visual arts context. Furthermore the innuendo of the object's model text careen into the descriptive fantasy provided in the p…