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The mended object as art is as art for art's sake

This document is incomplete, it contains descriptions gathered from passages that were examined in the previous section. With some effort they can be abutted and read with a similar intention. It's not difficult to imagine the potential of these techniques when they are applied to the plastic arts. Their visual component also serves to highlight and inform our individual experience. However they can have unintended and deleterious side effects such as prurience. Skepticism by necessity is the consequence of experience and not included here. It's marginal to quote directly from popular culture or from the actual source.

Don (Helvetica): True to purpose, the liver of my cup is only a sample that aches.
Comma (Texas): Then let us gather around this green tree and pass our warm energy in a comfort circle of joy and bliss.

This isn't a baseball or some other machine for nostalgia it's a master plan with statistics and variables. But without intervention experience as the g…