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Miracles, SixProjects@Suburban (June, 2005) Space Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is inhabited almost entirely by Scots and Irish, who live in paltry log houses. There are in the town four attourneys, two doctors, and not a priest of any persuasion. The place, I believe, will never be considerable - US Congressman Arthur Less, December 17, 1784 I was in a highly inventable mood. I despised my job and my tax refund hadn't arrived when JB and SV invited me to join, Miracles in April 2005. This was a program being developed for Space Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA. At it's center was a reconstructed Miracles, the cultural space that resembled a blind pig in someone's Squirrel Hill living room.  Initially I was unclear about what my roll in the program would be as I didn't make like an artist. SV and JB didn't want me to participate as a curator either. They didn't want me to bring in artists to participate, I wasn't needed to design the show, or contribute an essay. Instead I was being asked to provide work in the column reserved for …