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Deep and Wide as a Margin

Goodnight Eileen, it's what drunk people say when they're looking for their brown coats or they're painting in the kitchen. It's what you'll overhear when suddenly it smells like soap and cigarettes in the record-shoppe. It's what I'm trying to remember while I'm cold and my pants are wet from tripping in the snow. It's what I'm doing instead of fixating on the baroque way that your living room looks. I'd feel guilty but you insisted so I'm sitting here by myself under a muddy looking reading lamp. It's too tall and two of its bulbs are just dim widgets sans any meaningful bloom. It wasn't a very long walk but the snow's deep and I'm super cold now.
Lets say, rather than a scrolling line that suddenly bursts into flames, let's say instead that we imagine this narrative is a singular voice of reason and it's completely composed of togetherness. It's as though it has one purpose that will be revealed in an amazi…

The Nhoc's, Sister and the bottom-men

The way it looks from here... Those are question marks that we'll just need to get around latter. Tall as my insignificance is it's way behind us now, She's been dipped in brown shoes with tapered trousers that look gray to the touch. They're definitely not average and they're not for a woman whose ankles are painted pugilist white. Don't you see that its your distemper that's our context Greg. It's like a shadow that calls the neighbors to share a quiet laugh Greg, She sneers keenly. It keeps buying the kids apples from the day cart and it jerks off in our bathroom at night. Don't tell me that story about pretend smoke rising in curling heaps or the meaningful dimness that settles over the room leaving it less dense less alert and more fucking honest. Don't tell me that story tonight. Their's is a genderless intercourse that's beached at the edge of pornography. She needs someone to move the pictures and Greg has some extra coffee to s…

UICA a proposal for 10 programs (2013) Grand Rapids

The following selections were submitted for an open call for exhibitions at the UICA in Grand Rapids Michigan. The spaces within the building that were considered for these programs included ramps windows and dead short hallways. Their should be 10 selections in the list below but sadly one of them was lost before it could be properly archived. These are only sketches of programs and as such they're brief. Still they would have had essays and other didactic texts as support for performance or media related elements once they were completed. Not all of these programs were going to exhibit objects but a playlist of my favorite songs from 1987 was still going to accompany them all. I've included that playlist below.
An exhibition with an installation that includes a door that leads to another door named, Tomato.A place for two telephones (ON-HIGH/on-low)A place to screen that really dull video titled, A Title For EverythingKitty range with daily herding matinees Two chairs and a …

Frango rewrite, The Hearing

Every astronaut swoons leftly then gently to the rightish Among these starry tides Every narrative poised Every tile as slippery as when The spilled hearts the gushing metaphors arrive The slushing sparks of the rakish moon Every astronaut swoons tonight - An classic astronaut's drinking tune Abiding and wet this purple world looks as slick as a waxed tongue. Montstre Frango selected Dutch’s enormous hangar for the hearing. Years ago John saw Parch’s original drawings for the Dutch before the hangar was added. This brown building was a well balanced example of the equation; space equals people being exploited. Then after that it got this hangar and now some of it’s door science has also been improved. The metal frame shifts with some click clackery tick tappening as John steps up. Then after a second the translucent door does its door thing, oh the wonders of exploitation.
The walls itch with anticipation. Monstre Frango had the massive windows opened for this. Now there's a pe…