international arrival (wastrel and the sand)

it apostrophy is... 

Statement of Intent: I'm tired of working for my gravy. I'm going to do another thing. I'm going to stop keeping notes and pictures. I'm going to open up my room instead. I'm going to hide my bed in the corner. I'm going to harness this big big power of my look. I'll be evident, I'll be the sad misanthrope last seen standing on the dusty floor below the music. The lights will be grim. They will be cold and unflinching lights, blinking at me like a gut knife in the panic. 

This is not a chemistry that will be measured for accuracy. Alternately the beach, it's also a service to the function of memory's use of the plastic arts that are stored within. Experimentation and reaction can be engaged with clear eyes to boot but it's important to respect the enormity of our experience. It's only ever sometimes seen with both of these eyes through polished lens or frail mirror. It can only ever be translated very poorly by me. It can only ever be misconstrued or ignored using these rules one time because it can never be faithfully executed using the tools that are before us today.
Optical acuity is a spectacular obstacle to our overall awareness and to our healthfulness. It is not the rule, but it is the accumulation of a series of inextricable guidelines that cannot be bypassed, exchanged or altered. Representation and abstraction as form are confined by our perceptual limitations. This object is itself only a place holder. It is only ever in transition between action and inaction. As a result the following states can only ever be documented and then set aside.

  • These flowers will be seen. 
  • These are those flowers. 
  • Here are some flowers. 
  • The flowers are naked.

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