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Bud+LU, Person Vaughn Darling, the Marquee

Silhouettes in these early seats

Person Vaughn Darling wasn't the first fool ever, not even by a matter of days. He knew he could fail. But he only needed to stay ahead of the Table and Monstre’s eyes far enough to succeed. The Monstre may have the Old Man and Lee now. But it didn’t matter, he thought. However this can unfold I’ve got the Sumperan, at least one of them. Person knew Priscilla would come around. Then Chair and that loopy puppy of his will be ground into mustard. This is the Doctor’s doom, he thought satisfactorily.
The round candy boy asked for his ticket. He handed it over and was given 2 slips in return. With his buttery jacket pulled tight around him Person walked on into the theater. Despite his attempt to arrive early Bud+LU were already here. A cautionary collection of mounted horns and antlers hangs above the shallow stage up front. The brown curtain opens with the uneven hiss and snap of a needle following a vinyl groove. Person hastens to join the 2 silhouettes. The sound condenses the eye's of the easy folk in their early seats to a bright focus on the painted wall up front.Don't be like this guys, Vaughn pleads. Bud+LU sit beside him in an otherwise empty row. The shabby little cinema only has seats for about 30 souls. The chairs are simple rustic things with a foul and waxy crust. The theater should've been empty for this matinee. But a few standard unknowns are here, are here and ignoring them, are ignoring them talk for too long. Person squirms in his damp seat.
Bud is speaking for the twins today, We understand what it is that you're saying to us. The shifting fields make it difficult to remain anonymous. They make interpreting intentions, anybody's intentions just as challenging but not quite equal to the task at hand. It's hard to determine where in this mess a reward has been inserted in this beach of sand. But that's fine because we're certain it's Agent Will's intent.
Will be done, be done, LU added flatly.
What about you, Person Vaughn Darling? Do you feel that it's necessary to pursue this line of inquiry further than more questions? We're very very curious...
C'mon guys, you're not seeing it from my perspective at all...
SHHHH... a young man throws a smoking cigareet at him.
And maybe you're being overly sentimental Person Vaughn Darling? There are tits and then there are tats, Bud winked at the Person. Am I right, we still have Ubanchik?
Lee and Charles say yes, he answers. But Ubanchik seems uneasy...
The piqued cat hassles the draped sleeve, flicker, flicker, flicker... The image is replaced with a black screen and then an arrangement of fat text, this is my hand... these are my narcotics...
Nonetheless, the Nhoc girl won't be a problem.
Safely, like this bug and that bug being bug ruggly, LU asked...


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